Facebook Page

I have a new facebook page with unseen work within! Like my page, if you so wish.


The Gap

I am currently illustrating my own book called ‘Little people on things, Little people in things and Little people around things’, it’s a working title. I was drawing little people on a chess board but went off on a tangent and drew this. Have a look.


I Need To Change

A comic I made this morning, at 5am.


Lovely Pine (New)

An updated version of my previous ‘Lovely Pine’… Because now I have extra skillz.


Finish My Wife!

And I never, ever, ever will.


Mr Phil

Here is one of the pages from the child mag. This one is about Mr. Phil. HE is the one that cooks food for the tree. Have a look, enjoy.. It’s not yet finished, the graphic designer for the magazine needs to move text and add a title etc. etc.


Oh. Hi!














Long time no post! But I haven’t died. I have been very busy doing this, that, there and here are some samples of my upcoming work. It’s bits of larger images I have made for a children’s magazine. Take a look..

For an article on Photosynthesis. Mr Phil


How to make casts of animal track! A small scene within the main image.



I will post the completed images soon fo shoo x